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Founded in 1968 by a French veterinarian, Virbac is an independent pharmaceutical laboratory present in more than 100 countries. The company offers a comprehensive and practical range of products and services covering the majority of species and pathologies.



Virbac has a wide range of products for Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Pigs, Poultry and Game. View the different ranges including Antibiotics, External parasiticides, Internal parasiticides, Nutritional, Vitamins and Minerals, Toxin binders and Wound preparations here.

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Sep 09 - ROOILUIS en die beheer daarvan by Skape en Bokke

ROOILUIS en die beheer daarvan by Skape en Bokke Rooiluis (Bovicola ovis, Bovocola limbata) is die belangrikste luisspesies by skape en bokke. Dit het ‘n groot ekonomiese impak op wol, haar en vleisproduksie.  Luise spandeer hul hele lewensiklus op skape / bokke, en beweeg gedurig deur die vag. Hierdie vrylike beweging vergemaklik die oordraging van luise van besmette  na luisvrye vee. Om hul  lewensiklus te voltooi (vanaf eier tot 'n volwasse luis wat weer eiers lê) neem ±29 dae. ‘n Ligte rooiluis infestasie (± 5000 rooiluise)  kan binne 2-3 maande ‘n groot probleem word a.g.v hul kort lewensiklus. Herfs en Winter maande  is die gustigste tye vir rooiluise om te vermeerder. Die rede hiervoor is: Omgewingstoestande is meer gunstig a.g.v verlaging in temperature en humiditeit. Skape en Bokke se immuniteit verlaag a.g.v swakker voeding kwaliteit en/ of kwantiteit   Hoër veedigthede maak skaap/bok  oordraging makliker vanaf besmette na luisvrye vee in die trop. Wollengte is optimaal (lank) vir luise a.g.v tradisionele lente en vroeësomer skeertye.    Luise  veroorsaak : Irritasie Velskade en breuk in wol Skuur en krap a.g.v. gejeuk Brommers word gelok deur serum wat lek vanaf skaaf en skuurplekke Gewigsverlies Effek op wol produksie, skoon- opbrengs en prys  (Joshua,2001 NSW) ‘n Ligte luisinfestasie veroorsaak: 3% verlaging in wolproduksie 1% verlaging in skoon opbrengs van wol   2% verlaging in wolprys Die totale verlies per skaap met ‘n ligte luisinfestasie is ± R19.50 (Die verlies waarde is uitgewerk op R75/kg wol, gemiddeld 5Kg wol per skaap)                                      ______________________________________________________________________________________________

Jul 14 - Companion animals in Russia: a new start

Monday, December 01, 2014  April 2014, Moscow. At Russia's largest veterinary congress, Virbac launched Cortavance, a corticoid for the treatment of inflammatory dermatosis in dogs. A major step forward for the companion animal portfolio in this country. Explanations by the Rest of Europe product manager. Virbac is in Russia? Who knew! Yes. Since 2006, the Group has been present through a distributor, but untilnow, the main product was Zoletil. In 2013, Virbac  get new registrations and so the possibility to develop his portfolio on the Russian market. The decision was then made to assign the companion animal products to Vetprom, a distributorwith a strong reputation in Russia.   Why? Our strategy is to become a leader on the companion animal market and to do so, we have focused on two development areas. Firstly, to ensure our presence on the most important market segments of external parasiticides (39% of the companion animal market), vaccines (33%) and wormers (11%). So in 2013, we launched the biology range (Canigen CHPPi L, Canigen CHPPi LR, Feligen CRP and Parvigen) together with Brazil's leading parasiticide, Endogard. The launch of Effitix in 2015 will complete this portfolio.   And the second development area? This involves marketing the Virbac differentiating and innovative products based on our expertise in dermatology and reproduction. In 2013, we therefore introduced Alizine for the reproduction range and entered the dermatology segment with the Allermyl, Keratolux and Etiderm shampoos. More recently, we presented Cortavance to Moscow last April during the country's principal veterinary congress.   How was it received? The feedback was very good, both in terms of the product and Virbac's image, considering that until now veterinarians had only known the Group through Zoletil, the most commonly used anaesthetic on the market. The launch of Cortavance helps Virbac to establish itself as an international innovative laboratory in Russia.   What are the upcoming deadlines? We are going to continue to promote the product through various communication campaigns, particularly conferences presented by dermatology specialists at major national veterinary congresses, but also regionally, such as in St Petersburg or Rostov. Webconferences will effectively cover the rest of Russia. The launch of Cortavance, through the development of the hydrocortisone aceponate molecule, is also a means of preparing the launch of EasOtic in the autumn. An important issue since almost 300,000 canine auricular treatments are sold annually by Russia!   In conclusion? The launch of EasOtic and Allerderm in late 2014, then Suprelorin and Effitix in early 2015 will be new key steps for Virbac. With a turnover of 1.5 million euros forecast for 2014 in companion animals, the Virbac presence on the Russian market is still small compared with the country's potential. Nevertheless, the launches are proceeding as anticipated and every day we are learning more about the specifics of this culturally different market. Eventually, we aim to be a leader in dermatology and number 3 in companion animals behind Merial and MSD.   The Russian veterinary market 90% of animal health activity in the 23 country's largest cities Moscow: 50% of the companion animal market 32,000 practitioners 4,900 public and private veterinary clinics

Jul 14 - Augmented reality: Virbac, the UK pioneer!

Friday, July 03, 2015  November 2014, London. For its use of augmented reality technology Virbac UK is awarded the Best Large Stand award for the most innovative stand. Just a gadget or a genuine opportunity for improved communication? Some answers from the companion animal business unit director of the subsidiary. What exactly does augmented reality involve? The concept of augmented reality covers the various methods that can be used to realistically inlay virtual objects in a sequence of real images. To use it, you simply scan a code using a suitable application, such as Blippar, from a smartphone or a tablet. The scanned object is then brought to life on the user's screen, interactively providing them with a range of different information. What are the actual applications? There are many uses. This technology can be used with any media, starting with product packaging, so at the end of 2014 we started with the Milpro and Prinovox parasiticide treatments. The aim was to offer an innovative means of communication in a saturated and highly competitive market. By scanning the code found on the packaging, vets and owners can access informative videos. For example, these may deal with the risks to animals caused by parasites or with the use of the product. In addition there is a free-text reminder system which forms part of monitoring of the treatment. Are there other uses? Yes. Waiting rooms are strategic locations for communicating with owners. We've therefore used the augmented reality principle on displays in vets' clinics. At the London Vet Show at the end of 2014, our stand was fully "blippable" and as a result we won the Best Large Stand award for our innovative approach. Finally, in addition to press releases we've created, a specific "Virtual Virbac" image which is incorporated into all promotional documentation. When scanned, this gives access to information on the four latest products launched by the subsidiary, plus dedicated Virbac contact details. What are the benefits of this technology? 80% of the world's population own a mobile phone and information is increasingly obtained through digital media. In the context of veterinary practice this free access to information has thrown up a particular set of problems: information can be obtained on the Internet with a single click, but this information is not always in compliance with regulations or may be incorrect. It may even be dangerous where medication or illnesses are concerned. Augmented reality therefore provides a 'fun' way of communicating reliable information to vets and owners through their preferred channel for gathering information. Thanks to the free-text reminder system, it’s also an effective way of ensuring treatment recommendations are followed. We have by the way the full support of the NOAH association that represents the animal health industry in the United Kingdom. What are the advantages for the subsidiary? We are the first pharmaceutical laboratory to use augmented reality in the United Kingdom. In addition, the connection statistics show that Virbac packaging has been "blipped" thousands of times since the launch at the end of 2014. At the request of veterinary practitioners therefore we've initiated the study phase for other products, in particular Indorex and Zenifel. To be continued...

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