• Cattle

A non-steroidal anabolic and antiparasitic for use in intensive beef production systems. Results in improved body mass and feed conversion

Composition: Ivermectin 1% m/v, zeranol 1% m/v.
Registration nr: G3660
Size: 50ml, 250ml, 2*250ml
Dosage: 1ml/50kg bm sc. Allow a minimum treatment interval of 2 months. Treat replacement heifers at between 1-7 months of age.
C/I: Do not use in breeding animals. Except replacement heifers once only between 1-7 months of age. Do not use in animals under 45 days of age.
W/T: Meat 28 days.
P/I: Take appropriate vaccination precautions if the risk of clostridial infections and malignant oedema is present.